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lubricating oil additive

  • Multifunctional Lubricating Oil Compound Additive

    Multifunctional Lubricating Oil Compound AdditiveAdditives play a very important role in improving the performance, quality and variety of lubricant products. The types of additives and many varieties, different types of additives differ greatly in their nature. In order to make good use of additives, the deployment of high quality lubricants products, additives must be on the type of performance and the relationship between additives have a thorough understanding.

  • Metal Processing Oil Enrichment Agent (T5511)

    Metal Processing Oil Enrichment Agent (T5511)HAOTMT5511 Metal processing oil enrichment agent I. Key Product Benefits T5511 metal processing oil compound is a developed for demanding high strength metal processing oil compound additive. Outstanding oxidation and corrosion resistance. Good antiwear property and excellent extreme pressure...

  • Anti-rust Salt Spray Rust-proof Compound

    Anti-rust Salt Spray Rust-proof Compound◆ excellent rust resistance, salt spray a long time, for the excellent protection of ferrous metals; ◆ And all kinds of base oils have good compatibility, with different solvents or base oil blending into quick-drying or soft film anti-rust oil; ◆ good thermal stability and oxidation resistance; ◆ mild smell; ◆ wetting strong, longer-term protection of the workpiece without drying.

  • Lubricant Additives / Synthetic Grinding Fluid Composite

    Lubricant Additives / Synthetic Grinding Fluid CompositeDoes not contain sodium nitrite and the sub, sulfur, phosphorus, chlorine, mercury, lead and other harmful substances, with good lubrication, cooling, rust, chip performance, easy to smelly metamorphism, the use of long cycle.

  • Heat Transmission Oil Additive Package (T120B)

    Heat Transmission Oil Additive Package (T120B)HAOTMT120B Heat Transmission Oil Additive Package I. Key Product Benefits Compounded by quality thermal antioxidant,anti-tarnish material,etc. Postpone the oxidation and multiviscosity. Dissolve the oxide and polymer which form at high temperature to ensure the cleaness of tude wall. Meet the...