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YM Metal Deactivator

  • Metal Processing Oil Enrichment Agent (T5511)

    Metal Processing Oil Enrichment Agent (T5511)HAOTMT5511 Metal processing oil enrichment agent I. Key Product Benefits T5511 metal processing oil compound is a developed for demanding high strength metal processing oil compound additive. Outstanding oxidation and corrosion resistance. Good antiwear property and excellent extreme pressure...

  • Antioxidant(Metal Deactivator) YM Metal Deactivator

    Antioxidant(Metal Deactivator) YM Metal DeactivatorHAOTMYM Antioxidant(Metal Deactivator) I. Key Product Benefits Thiadiazole derivatives with strong capability of capturing active sulphur. Excellent protection against wear and rust. Obviously increases the Timken OK value . Compounded with sulphureous,phosphorus extreme pressure agents. II....