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The Reasons For The Use Of Lubricating Additives Jan 03, 2018

Industrial distillation of base oil production of most of the wax content is relatively high, if you use this crude oil produced directly into the diesel engine oil tank, the freezing point is higher in the domestic cold areas, relatively low temperature in winter, the wax is very low temperature Easy to crystallization precipitation, resulting in oil solidification does not flow, making locomotive start difficult, light a large number of waste gas residue, serious damage to the engine, resulting in wear and tear, and ultimately the entire locomotive will be a serious failure, it must be added to reduce the freezing point of the additive.

In southern China, due to wet with the weather is relatively humid, air moisture and oxygen into the oil, is to produce bubbles, making the oil pressure instability, and bubbles in the oil is very easy to lubricate caused by sintering, it must also be added Anti-foam additives. But also easy to form water and oil emulsion, resulting in poor fluidity of the oil, which requires the addition of anti-emulsifier.