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Super Overbased Synthetic Magnesium Sulfonate Early Strength Agent Or Antifreeze Combination May 17, 2017

Super Overbased Synthetic Magnesium Sulfonate The admixture of concrete refers to the incorporation of concrete in the mixing process can significantly improve the performance of concrete material. Its content is generally not greater than 5% of the quality of cement. As the admixture of concrete performance improvement, it is more and more applications in the project, many countries use admixture of concrete accounted for 60% of the total amount of concrete to 90%, therefore, the admixture gradually become concrete accounted for Of the fifth component.

2, the project profile

The fourth section of a highway has a length of 10.6km, of which 47 blocks of bridge and culvert structures. The area of the project is located in the coastal area of Bohai Lake, which belongs to the alluvial plain and coastal depression. The elevation is in the range of 3m ~ 5m Between the groundwater level is very high, soft base, fish pond, reed pond all over the line. Most of the whole line is sulphate soil or chlorine salt soil,Super Overbased Synthetic Magnesium Sulfonate  the lack of fresh water in the coastal area, air humidity, underground and air water Cl-ion content is higher, the concrete has a crystal corrosion, the construction requirements of concrete must be all water , Rust inhibitor, ultra-fine powder, improve the durability of concrete and impermeability.

3, Super Overbased Synthetic Magnesium Sulfonate 

3.1 Mechanism of action of Super Overbased Synthetic Magnesium Sulfonate 

The Super Overbased Synthetic Magnesium Sulfonate  is a surface active substance whose molecules are composed of two parts: hydrophilic group and hydrophobic group. Cement and water mixing, cement slurry into flocculation structure, wrapped part of the mixed water, reducing the mobility. The mechanism of the action of the Super Overbased Synthetic Magnesium Sulfonate  is shown in the following three aspects:

(1) the hydrophobic group is adsorbed on the surface of the cement particles, the hydrophilic group points to the aqueous solution, so that the surface of the cement particles with the same charge, the repulsion of the cement particles to separate, release flocculation structure of free water, increase mobility.

(2) Hydrophilic adsorption of a large number of polar water molecules, increase the surface of cement particles solvated water film thickness, from the lubrication effect, improve workability.

(3) water-reducing agent to reduce the surface tension, cement particles more easily wet, so that more fully hydrated, thereby enhancing the strength of concrete.

3.2 type of Super Overbased Synthetic Magnesium Sulfonate 

According to the chemical composition of the main lignin, naphthalene, water-soluble resin, molasses and complex water-reducing agent.

3.2.1 Lignin-based water-reducing agent

Including calcium lignosulfonate (calcium), sodium lignosulfonate (sodium), magnesium lignosulfonate (magnesium) and so on. Which wood calcium water-reducing agent used more.

Calcium water-reducing agent is the production of pulp or fiber slurry remaining sulfuric acid slurry waste as raw material, using lime milk and, by biological fermentation in addition to sugar, evaporation concentrated, spray drying and prepared brown powder.

The appropriate dosage of calcium calcium water-reducing agent is generally 0.2% ~ 0.3% of the cement quality. The concrete slump can be increased by 80mm ~ 100mm; if the concrete to maintain the compressive strength and slump degree of concrete, the concrete slump can be increased by 80% ~ 100mm; if the concrete compressive strength and slump The same, can save about 10% of the amount of cement. Wood calcium water-reducing agent on the role of retardation of concrete, excessive or at low temperatures, the role of retardation is more significant, but also may reduce the strength of concrete, the use should be noted. Wood calcium water-reducing agent can be used for general concrete works, especially for large volume pouring, sliding construction, pumping concrete and summer construction. Wood calcium water-reducing agent should not be used alone in winter construction, the lowest temperature in the day below 5 ℃, should be combined with early strength agent or antifreeze.