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Super Overbased Synthetic Magnesium Sulfonate Good Stability May 09, 2017

1 Super Overbased Synthetic Magnesium Sulfonate  Overview of Metallic detergents

At present, the automobile engine, such as the exhaust emission, fuel economy, reliability, product performance and other aspects of the challenge to a large extent can be said to be the challenge of lubricant additives, because additives are the essence of modern advanced oil, the correct selection of additives is the key to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

In the use of internal combustion engine lubricants, due to high-temperature oxidation and other reasons, resulting in the lubricant can be oxidized to degrade itself, producing acidic substances. Therefore, a certain amount of alkaline detergent is added to the lubricating oil of internal combustion engine, and the acidic substances produced during the use of lubricating oils are usually used. The development of detergent initially from the only few neutral salt varieties to the present sulfonate, alkyl phenol salts, sulfide alkyl phenol salt, naphthenic acid salt, alkyl acid salt, oleic acid salt and other high alkaline varieties.

The median and high alkali sulfide alkyl phenol calcium, its calorific value stability is good, heavy load diesel engine urgently needed additives. The modified medium alkali value of calcium alkyl salicylic acid, high temperature cleanliness, colloid particle size small and homogeneous, good colloid stability, and high alkali sulfate compound after no precipitation generation, have better dispersion ability and antioxidant performance, can replace the original alkali value of calcium alkyl salicylate. In addition, the low-alkali value and high alkali alkyl salicylic acid calcium Two varieties, have excellent clean performance, superior oxygen resistance, can be partially substituted for the alkali-alkyl salicylate calcium, used in high-grade internal combustion engine oil. Super Overbased Synthetic Magnesium Sulfonate  The high alkali value of sulfide alkyl phenol calcium and high alkali value alkyl salicylic acid calcium, or high alkali value sulfide alkyl phenol calcium has a good synergistic effect. High temperature detergency of alkyl phenol calcium sulfide is good, the alkali value is high, the medium and the ability is strong, colloidal particle size is small and homogeneous, colloid stability is good, it has a good synergistic effect with calcium salicylate, and high alkali sulfide alkyl phenol calcium compound after the performance is better than the individual high alkali sulfide alkyl phenol calcium, can meet the performance and requirements of multi-level oil.

Structural properties of 2 metallic detergents

Alkaline products accounted for the overwhelming majority of metal detergent. The alkaline detergent is composed of a stable loading micelle and a free surfactant molecule and a micelle consisting of a carbonate (calcium, magnesium, etc.) containing a Baifers of 35% and a 18%~30% adsorbed surfactants on the surface of the carbonate. The particle size of the general loading rubber pellets must be less than 80nm and the distribution should be more homogeneous. The particle size and distribution of colloidal particles of lubricating oil detergent have a decisive effect on its performance.

Detergent in lubricating oil is a micelle structure, the product's micelle structure depends on the composition of the functional groups of surfactants and synthetic processes. The micelle structure of yang acid salts differs from sulfonate and phenol salts. The calcium carbonate particles of the sodium salt are gathered outside the micelle sphere. Under the same conditions, the micelle particles of yang acid salts are 3 ~ 2 times larger than the phenol-salt micelles. Micelle adsorption of calcium carbonate particles diameter 2.1~2.3nm. From chemical structure, calcium sulfide is the only new detergent with three kinds of polar functional groups-OH,-COOH and-S-, and the three kinds of functional bases have a chelating effect. Therefore, the stability of micelles is promoted.

3Super Overbased Synthetic Magnesium Sulfonate reaction mechanism of metallic detergent

Discussion on the mechanism of metallization reaction, metallization process is a complex multiphase physical chemical reaction process, its mechanism is very complicated, including a series of gas, liquid, solid interface between the proliferation of many different liquid phases of a variety of parallel and continuous reactions, so far, there are many problems not clear.

4 Super Overbased Synthetic Magnesium Sulfonate detergent metallization Process

The metallization process of the alkalinity detergent comprises the synthesis of the positive salts (neutral salts) and the carbonation (alkalization) Two reaction process: the positive salt synthesis reaction process is the reaction process of the organic acid and the metal compound in the reaction of water or promoter; The carbonation reaction process refers to the existence of organic acids and salts, water and promoter, and the metal oxides are converted into hydrogen oxides and then react with carbon dioxide to generate nano-scale metallic carbonate (also contain a small amount of metal hydroxide). The granules are formed by the organic acid positive salts package to stabilize the colloidal solution reaction process. According to the different process of metallization of alkalinity detergent, its craft can be divided into one step metallization process, two-step metallization process, multi-carbonation process, pretreatment process, ultra gravity method metallization process, etc. This paper mainly introduces the more commonly used one-step metallization process, two-step metallization process, and multiple carbonation process.