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Study On Improving The Quality Of Polytetrafluoroethylene Materials Dec 07, 2016

(1) cutting force is small. As the PTFE stiffness, strength, hardness are low, in the same cutting conditions, the cutting 45 steel cutting force is the main material of PTFE 14-20 times [2].

(2) polytetrafluoroethylene material has a small thermal conductivity, only 0.27W / M · K-1, coupled with a lower heat temperature, the maximum heat temperature is only 250 ℃. If the cutting volume is too large, cutting speed is high, the workpiece cutting temperature will rise, will soften the PTFE material, or even melting, coking and "stick knife" phenomenon.

(3) polytetrafluoroethylene has a large coefficient of thermal expansion, PTFE material in the cutting process due to friction to produce greater heat, easy tool and workpiece overheating, resulting in PTFE workpiece heat Elastic deformation, and ultimately affect the surface of PTFE workpiece surface quality and dimensional accuracy.