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Select The Plasticizer To Pay Attention To What Aspects Of The Problem Dec 07, 2016

1, the compatibility between the plasticizer and resin, in general, only with the resin additives have a good compatibility: in order to make additives long-term, stable, uniform in apricot products in the effective play to its Function, if the compatibility is not good, prone to "sweating" or "spray cream" phenomenon, but sometimes poor compatibility, product requirements less stringent, can still have poor compatibility, such as fillers And the compatibility between the tree wax very poor, as long as the filler particle size is small, can still basically meet the performance requirements of products, it is best to use coupling agents or surfactants in order to give full play to its function.

2, the durability of plasticizers I additives loss mainly through the three ways of evaporation, extraction and migration mainly with the molecular weight of additives, in the medium solubility and the degree of the barren solution in the resin.

3, the plasticizer on the processing conditions of adaptation: some of the resin processing with more stringent, such as processing temperature is high, should consider whether the selected additives decomposition, additives on the mold, equipment, corrosive effect.