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Product Classification Of Lubricating Additives Dec 07, 2016

Additives by action mechanism is divided into:

Physical additives: Pour point depressants, tackifiers, viscosity index improvers, defoamers, anti-emulsifiers, etc.

Chemical additives: anti-rust agent, clean dispersant, extreme pressure anti-wear agent, metal passivation agent, oil agent, anti-corrosion agent

Additives, anti-wear agent, friction improving agent (also known as oil agent), extreme pressure additives, detergents, dispersants, anti-foam agent, anti-emulsifier, anti-rust agent, Coagulants, viscosity index improvers and other types. The market sales of additives are generally more than a single additive composite products, the difference is that the composition of a single additive and composite additives within the proportion of several different single additive only.