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Principles Of Application Of Additives Dec 07, 2016

Lubricants Once the choice of a good base oil, the choice of additives is the key, base oil selection is relatively easy, because the base oil variety series less, base oil has been selected, the process is relatively stable, the quality of fluctuations , The law generally follow. The additive is not only a wide variety, performance, and mass production also has a certain quality fluctuations, so need to take different oil mixing technology, a kind of oil, base oil program may be only 1-2, while the additive program Many of which are based on the nature of the oil, considering the necessity, feasibility, compatibility, economy, flexibility and effectiveness of the additive. The compatibility and flexibility of the additives make the core of the additive formulation technology.

The nature of each additive must be considered, and the role of each additive must be thoroughly understood to determine its scope of application. Such as the application of detergents and dispersants, detergents, the strengths of each dispersant; extreme pressure, corrosion, bearing capacity of the unity of contradictions, for gear oil and other process oil distinction; metal susceptibility , A large number of not yet uniformly named anti-friction agent and the nature of oil and its special oil products in the application; antioxidant temperature range, metal deactivator and help antioxidant applications; thickening thickener Capacity, shear stability, oxidation resistance, the balance of economy; defoamer silicon and non-silicon series of advantages and disadvantages; other types of additives, especially most of the unnamed additive characteristics; various additives similarities and differences, etc. , & Lt;