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Polyisobutene Succinimide Extensibility May 09, 2017

Polyisobutene Succinimide Look at the appearance: transparent? Translucent? Opaque? How about color (not dyed)? Put it in the water, float? Sinking? Nose: Smell? What smells? Touch: smooth or rough? Feel cold or hot? With finger nail uniform, there is no trace? Stretched by hand, is it hard or soft? Is there any toughness and elasticity? The plastic fell, ears to listen to their sound, loud? Crisp? Or is it low? Fragile? Or tough? Through these sensory examinations, you can identify which kind of plastics.

Polyisobutene Succinimide Polyethylene LDPE raw materials for white wax, transparent, HDPE white powder or translucent granular resin. Floating in the water, odorless and tasteless, with a wax-like smooth sense, after the stroke has traces, the membrane soft stretch. LDPE soft, extensible, can bend, but easy to break; MDPE, HDPE is harder, rigidity and toughness are good, sound low.

Polyisobutene Succinimide Polypropylene raw materials white wax, translucent, floating in the water, odorless tasteless, smooth feel, no traces after the stroke, can be curved, not easy to break, tensile strength and good rigidity, sound bright.

Polystyrene standard glass-like transparent, impact-resistant luster, sinking in the water, odorless, tasteless, smooth, brittle, easy to break with nails play metal sound, commonly known as "gum."

Milky white or beige, amorphous, opaque, matte, sink in the water odorless tasteless, tough, hard, rigid, good quality. Not easy to break, sound crisp.

PVC products depending on the plastic and filler conditions, and some are opaque. Sink in the water, with varieties and dissimilar hard products heated to 50 ℃ when soft, and can bend; Soft products will sag, some are elastic, hard products such as doors and windows, sewer pipes and so on.

polyamide (nylon) raw material milky white, such as gum. Heated to 250 ℃ above the water into the Yi shape. Sink in the water odorless tasteless surface hard to have a heat feeling, gently hammer will not break, sound low.

Poly methyl methacrylate (plexiglass), glass-like transparent, the appearance of beauty. Sink in the water, odorless tasteless, heated to 120 ℃ can be free bending, can be handmade, hard, easy to break with the finger play a blunt sound.

White wax, low transparency, smooth, non-flammable, non-absorbent, excellent weatherability. Sinking in the water, odorless and tasteless,

Polyisobutene Succinimide A sense of lubrication, low tone.

There are five forms of foam, elastomer, coatings, synthetic leather, adhesives, and so on, in different forms, some sinking in the water, some floating. Odorless and tasteless, with different forms and distinct, low tone.

Polycarbonate raw materials for white crystalline powder, light yellow to amber, transparent solid, products close to colorless. For advanced insulating materials, odorless, tasteless, metal feeling, hard, bending resistance, shock resistance, toughness, sound. Recommended reading: 9 Kinds of common plastic simple identification method, Ultra practical!