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Lubrication Additive Group Separation Effect Increase Increase May 09, 2017

Lubricant Additive Component Viscosity index refreshing rate, increasing viscosity, viscosity viscosity, amount of production. Viscosity index refreshing oil solubility general polymeric junction, its molecular weight is unreasonable. Viscosity index retrograded in dissolved lubricating oil, low temperature at the time of low temperature heating, rolling, existence of lubricant viscosity, lubricating oil viscosity effect, excessive lubricating oil temperature increase, stretching elongation, effective capacity increase, Oil flow Increased hindrance, increased lubricating oil viscosity phase increased by . Viscosity index at elevated temperature Viscosity index refinement Inheritance Homomorphic state parallelism Viscosity production asymmetric effect, increased viscosity viscosity more than viscosity increase viscosity viscosity index, viscosity index exponential reduction Mainly Used High lubricant viscosity index, improved viscosity performance, increased viscosity. Viscosity index Reinforcement Visibility Coming - in order thickening machine oil, excellent use of temperature - related properties as used oiling goods, good use of oil - like goods low temperature behavior, good anti - polishing effect with low oil drainage.

Viscosity index for refining Conventional viscosity index exponential modifications: Ju Hua Ting, Jujiao Hengyi Huang, Huangjiao Huiyuan, Shuang Jiyuan, Shuangjiao Jiuzhou Jiuzhou Zhuang Jinghua Ding.

Oily Washing extreme anti-polish

1, Lubricant Additive Component Extreme anti - polishing additive fingering high temperature, high aspect ratio bridging lubrication state, Noshiwa metal surface formation high melting point chemical anti - ripening film, no more preventive welding, chewing, wounded addition . Self - resolving effect Cracking products Residual friction High temperature - proof metals Ferroelectricity, generated shear minage Welding point Metric low metal Compounds, ipsis prevention contact surface occlusion Washing, effective surface protection Metal surface. Extremely dramatic anti - polish main use for industrial use, fluid oil, hydraulic oil, cutting oil, etc. In extremely demanding lubricating oil, high oil quality extreme anti - polishing performance.

Extremely dangerous anti - polishing general substances Oxides, sulfides, saponifications, saponifications, organometallic hydrated boric acid molds, extreme anti - polishing etc etc. Extraordinarily polished main product type: petrochemical stone, acidic bitter acid dibutylate, sulfuric acid inclusion diluent, tritium xanthan gum, sulphide dichloride, dibasic disulfide, ruthenate oxide, borate etc. .

2, Lubricant Additive Component General purpose No use Lubricant oil Increase oil film strength, number of reduced friction system, high anti - polish ability, low - mobility part intermittent friction Wakami damaged additives.

Oily property, one kind of surface active ingredient, molecular one - ended hydrophilic group, one - point oil - soluble group. Contained in the surface of metallic surface Decrease small rubbing damage on wear.

Oil-based tooling Highly high surface activity, Welfare Metal surface production Physical suction or chemical suction. Physical absorption Absolutely reversible, Low temperature residence, Under loading comprehensive situation, Physiological absorption induced action; High temperature high load under load sucking disinfection detachment loss action. Fatty acid type Oil eradication Excluded Physical inhalation, Excluded chemistry by absorption, Low temperature under consideration Metal surface formation Metal metal surface, High anti - tarnish properties.

Conventional oily high-grade higher fatty acids  fatty acid wax  sulfurized fish oil, sulphided cottonseed oil, dijic acid, Acidic acidic citrus fruits etc.

Oilic oil  Main industrial lubricating oil, liquid oil, hydraulic oil, rice oil etc.

Cleaning dispersion

Cleaning dispersion  inclusive clearing dispersion type. Main use oil  Main effect Action Remedy Internal retention Cleaning, inductive insoluble matter Presentation Grain contraction, misfortune progressive formation formation coal, lacquer film or oil mud. More specifically, there are four directions such as selective neutralization of acid, increase in solubility, dispersion washing, etc.

(1) Lubricant Additive Component Acid neutralizing action: Cleaning dispersion General urban existence Constant clarity, significant erystroke high hygroscopicity, better than conventional Lubricating oil digestion Productive organic acidic acidic acid, inhibiting one step compaction, causative lacquer Membrane reduction, prevention at the same time prevention.

(2)Lubricant Additive Component  Solubilizing action: Cleaning dispersion In the process of use, inferior inclusion group, base group, inclusive inclusion compound, contained vitrified compound, moisture, etc, increase in solubility, formation body, prevention progressive compromise, reduction progressive part, harmful accumulation Physical formation formation.

(3) Lubricant Additive Componentb Dispersion action: Capacity adsorption  Productive coal covered lacquer film etc Solid micrograins, used  Accumulation oil mud.

(4) Lubricant Additive Component Washing action: Noguchi adsorption part

Clean - up dispersion Composition, basically Opportunities Oil, Miwa Japanese - Hydraulic Triple - Group Composition, Yuan Conflict, Dynamic Cleaning Dispersion Performance Unevenness, Invisibility, General Inquiries, Ash Additive Cleanliness Favorite, ashless addition and sparingly dispersive protrusion.

Cleaning dispersion typical Representative Petroleum oxalic acid  Former three species Ash Ash Distilled Dispersed Body, After 3 Types Ashless Cleaning Dispersion.