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Lubricant Additive Extend The Service Life Of Lubricating Oil Oct 11, 2017

Lubricants use some additives, different additives play a different role, such as the role of anti-wear agent is to increase the anti-wear properties of lubricants, antioxidant role is to improve the antioxidant capacity of lubricating oil, can extend the oil Life cycle, pour point depressants can improve the low temperature performance of lubricants. Therefore, to detect the performance of additives, we mainly through the detection of a certain performance of lubricants to help us understand the performance of the corresponding additives. It should be noted that although the additive will affect the performance of lubricating oil, but the base oil on the performance of lubricating oil still has a major impact, so to combine the performance of base oil, a comprehensive assessment of the performance of additives.

For lubricants users, the viscosity of lubricants is relatively familiar with the concept, because the viscosity is the primary indicator of the purchase of lubricants. For the already used lubricants, viscosity is also an important indicator of concern in the detection. The composition of the lubricating oil is the base oil and some additives, the viscosity of the main and the base oil. In addition to base oils, additives also play an important role in lubricants. Good lubrication on the role of Lubricant Additive to do a brief introduction.

Lubricant Additive are some organic or inorganic compounds, some are liquid, can be dissolved in the lubricating oil, some are solid, suspended in the lubricating oil. Additives in the lubricating oil content is small, depending on the type of oil, the content of 0.1% to 30% (volume ratio) range, some lubricants contain more additives, such as oil, some lubricants contain less additives, Such as turbine oil.

The role of lubricating oil additives is divided into three areas:

To further enhance the base oil itself has some of the properties, such as antioxidants, rust inhibitors, anti-foam agent, anti-emulsifier.

The basis of the lack of performance of the base oil to make up, such as pour point depressant, viscosity index improver.

Giving the base oil new performance, that is, the performance of the base oil itself does not have, these properties are mainly achieved through additives, such as extreme pressure (EP), dispersant, metal deactivator.

The additive has the polarity, meaning that the additive itself has an attractive force that allows the additive molecules to adsorb to these foreign matter when the lubricant enters other polar substances or impurities. Many substances are polar, such as sponge, metal, dust impurities, wood pulp and other hydrophilic substances or water-soluble substances. Non-polar substances are paraffin, Teflon (polytetrafluoroethylene), pure mineral oil, water-resistant substances, ducks on the back of the hair (hydrophobic) and so on.

Lubricant Additive with the use of consumption, when they run out, the additive will lose its role. Therefore, the use of lubricants, you must pay attention to the use of conditions. For example, the use of frequent contact with impurities, dust, moisture and other polar substances, additives will be adsorbed to impurities, resulting in a large number of losses, the corresponding, the performance of lubricating oil to weaken or even lose some performance.

There are several aspects of the mechanism of the polarity of the additive, but for the lubricating oil, we mainly focus on these aspects: wrapped impurities particles, the water emulsification, infiltration of metal surface.

Lubricant Additive will be adsorbed to the surface of impurity particles, and surrounded by impurities wrapped around, these additives are mainly metal deactivators, detergents, dispersants. In the case of dispersants, it can adsorb solid small particles such as carbon and impurities, disperse them in the oil, prevent the accumulation of impurity particles to form large particles of sediment. Clean dispersant is an important additive in automotive engine oil.