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Hydraulic Oil Additive Check And Adjust In Time Nov 03, 2017

Hydraulic Oil Additive is a hydraulic machinery "blood", most of the hydraulic system failures can be detected by the state of the Hydraulic Oil Additive to find the cause of the failure, thereby eliminating the fault.

1 Hydraulic Oil Additive with impurities in muddy shape

There are 3 types of impurities in the Hydraulic Oil Additive, namely solid impurities (clastic, solid particles, Hydraulic Oil Additive metamorphism form solid impurities, etc.), liquid impurities (mainly water, followed by Hydraulic Oil Additive metamorphism formation of viscous impurities) and gaseous impurities (mainly air).

If the Hydraulic Oil Additive appears white turbidity phenomenon, can exclude solid impurities or liquid viscous impurities, can only be caused by water or air. The Hydraulic Oil Additive can be sampled and tested. The oil-like drip on the hot plate, if there is a bubble (water at high temperature into vapor formation bubble), you can determine that there is water in the Hydraulic Oil Additive: Otherwise the Hydraulic Oil Additive contains air.

If the Hydraulic Oil Additive mixed with water caused by turbidity, the Hydraulic Oil Additive static for a period of time, so that the water sank to the bottom of the hydraulic tank, and then remove water can be. However, if the water content is too high to cause Hydraulic Oil Additive emulsification, it is necessary to replace the new Hydraulic Oil Additive.

If the decision is the Hydraulic Oil Additive mixed with air caused by turbidity, should check whether the hydraulic system pipeline leakage, and cut off the mixing source of air.

2 abnormal elevation of Hydraulic Oil Additive temperature

The root cause of abnormal elevation of Hydraulic Oil Additive temperature has the following 3 aspects: one is because the safety valve pressure setting value is too low, so that most of the Hydraulic Oil Additive through the safety valve flow back to the tank, resulting in the hydraulic system work efficiency is too low, such as the load too large, most of the energy will be converted into Hydraulic Oil Additive heat, resulting in high temperature: The second is due to Cause the Hydraulic Oil Additive temperature is too high; three is the Hydraulic Oil Additive in the oil circuit cycle too frequent (often is the lack of fuel), resulting in heat dissipation difficulties, temperature rise.

Fault diagnosis should be easy to be difficult, first check the oil in the hydraulic tank, if the fuel tank is not enough, should be added to the standard liquid level in time. Should pay attention to the use of the same brand of Hydraulic Oil Additive, before use should also be filtered.

If the amount of oil appropriate, you need to check whether the oil cooling system is blocking phenomenon, if the oil cooling system to prevent air circulation, should be clean in time to ensure the normal circulation of air, conducive to cooling. Sometimes the fan tape is loose, skid, also can cause the fan efficiency to reduce, the cooling effect is not good, should check, adjust in time, replace new tape when necessary.

If the oil volume, oil cooling system, fan tape is not a problem, you can determine that the main safety valve set pressure is lower than the standard value. The pressure setting value of the main safety valve should be adjusted again to the standard value.

3 Hydraulic Oil Additive too dirty

Hydraulic Oil Additive dirty, too dirty, may be the oil due to long-term use of chemical changes; it may be that too many impurities have changed. As long as the cause of these 2 changes is found, appropriate measures can be taken.

In the absence of necessary testing equipment, equipment, determine whether the Hydraulic Oil Additive is a chemical change or a physical change, a relatively simple and practical method is to use filter paper detection.

Sample the Hydraulic Oil Additive, drop the oil onto the filter paper, and observe the oil halo, if the oil halo appearance of stratification, the phenomenon is more obvious (the middle is dirty, more on the edge of the more clear), that the Hydraulic Oil Additive deterioration, the need to replace the new oil; if the oil halo evenly spread out, indicating that the Hydraulic Oil Additive impurity content too much, to check the filter, replace the filter Replace the new Hydraulic Oil Additive when necessary.