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Hydraulic Oil Additive Anti-abrasion, Anti-rust, Anti-emulsification Jul 13, 2017

Hydraulic Oil Additive in the course of the use of mechanical, physical and chemical role, its performance gradually deteriorated. When the main performance of the oil to the extent of damage to the system, must be replaced.

The deterioration of oil performance is directly related to the pollution of the oil. The water, air, solid particles and heat energy in the oil are the root causes of the additive wear, failure and oxidation of the base oil, and the metal particles in the oil Will act as a catalyst to accelerate the deterioration of the oil. The main performance of Hydraulic Oil Additive performance and the reasons shown in Table.

1.There are three types of hydraulic system oil system replacement, namely: regular replacement; according to experience and oil samples to determine whether the oil change; according to oil test results to determine whether the oil change. The first two methods are simple, but often not enough science. In accordance with the oil change indicators to replace the oil, both the full use of oil, but also to ensure the reliability of equipment and service life, should be recommended.

Table 2 and Table 3 for the petrochemical sector to develop Hydraulic Oil Additive oil change indicators.

When using the oil change method to change the oil, you need to know the performance of the new oil used in the process, through regular oil analysis to monitor its performance changes to determine the degree of deterioration of the oil. Determination of oil properties are generally used in laboratory physical and chemical properties of the test method. At present there have been various forms of oil performance detector, can be used for rapid diagnosis of oil on-site deterioration of the degree. The principle is generally by detecting the change in the dielectric constant of the oil to assess the degree of deterioration of the oil.

Hydraulic Oil Additive is the use of hydraulic pressure hydraulic system used in the hydraulic medium, in the hydraulic system plays an energy transfer, anti-wear, system lubrication, corrosion, rust, cooling, sealing and so on. Hydraulic Oil Additive is a transfer of pressure (power) of the special oil, which is divided into ordinary Hydraulic Oil Additive, anti-wear Hydraulic Oil Additive and low pour point Hydraulic Oil Additive and several. The engineering machinery Hydraulic Oil Additive is for the construction machinery and die-casting machine for the actual working environment requirements and the development of hydraulic system for oil, compared with other Hydraulic Oil Additive hydraulic engineering machinery has better anti-wear, anti-rust, anti-emulsification , Oxidation stability, hydrolytic stability and thermal stability.

Hydraulic Oil Additive is the use of hydraulic pressure hydraulic system used in the hydraulic medium, in the hydraulic system plays an energy transfer, anti-wear Hydraulic Oil Additive, system lubrication, corrosion, rust, cooling and so on. For Hydraulic Oil Additive, the hydraulic device should first meet the requirements of the viscosity of the hydraulic device at the operating temperature and the start-up temperature. The viscosity of the lubricating oil is directly related to the hydraulic action, the transfer efficiency and the transfer accuracy, and also requires the viscosity- And shear stability should meet the various needs of different applications. A wide variety of Hydraulic Oil Additives, different classification methods, for a long time, used to use the classification, but also according to the type of oil, chemical composition or flammability classification. These classification methods only reflect the oil production, but the lack of systematic, it is difficult to understand the relationship between oil and development.

Hydraulic Oil Additive as a lubricant to use what harm

1 Hydraulic Oil Additive viscosity is generally small, and the viscosity of lubricating oil is generally relatively large, so the use of Hydraulic Oil Additive as a lubricant, the formation of oil film is more difficult, and this is likely to lead to machine wear is relatively large, even Will bring more serious consequences.

2 Hydraulic Oil Additive and the main role of different lubricants, so they are inside the additives are different, and the two kinds of oil mixed with the words will lead to changes in performance, and even chemical reactions that make the oil deterioration, which led to greater wear and tear.

3 hydraulic system operating temperature is not high, but the Hydraulic Oil Additive delivery unit pressure is great. However, the engine crankcase operating temperature is high, coupled with the combustion chamber high temperature and high pressure gas fleeing, which will make the Hydraulic Oil Additive function faster failure, resulting in increased machine wear and tear, serious will lead to greater losses.