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Hydraulic Oil Additive Anti-abrasion, Anti-oxidation, Anti-oxidation Stability Sep 26, 2017

The additive used in the hydraulic oil refers to the addition of one or more compounds in the lubricating oil to give the hydraulic oil some new properties or to improve some of the existing properties.

In addition to the base oil hydraulic oil, the other component is the additive, in the industrial lubricants, additives generally account for 10% or less, the internal combustion engine oil is accounted for as much as a dozen percent, there are individual lubricants Such as high alkali value of the marine cylinder oil additives can account for more than 30%.

The addition of additives often determines the performance of some of the hydraulic oil and the variety or grade, how to use a large number of experiments, to seek some different functions of the best combination of various additives, so that the hydraulic oil can meet the performance requirements, Saving, which is where the technical content of hydraulic oil, most of the finished oil hydraulic base oil are the same, but different finished hydraulic oil, which the variety of additives, the amount of added and the difference between the formula is great of.

Lubricant is a kind of lubricant, which is between two relatively moving objects, with two objects due to contact with the friction and reduce the function. In addition, it also has a cooling, rust, cleaning, sealing and cushioning and so on. The lubricating oil is divided into diesel engine oil and gasoline engine oil, they have different grades to choose from.

Hydraulic oil

Hydraulic oil is the use of hydraulic pressure hydraulic system used in the hydraulic medium, in the hydraulic system plays an energy transfer, anti-wear, system lubrication, corrosion, rust, cooling, sealing and so on. Hydraulic oil is a transfer of pressure (power) of the special oil, which is divided into ordinary hydraulic oil, anti-wear hydraulic oil and low pour point hydraulic oil and several. The engineering machinery hydraulic oil is for the construction machinery and die-casting machine for the actual working environment requirements and the development of hydraulic system for oil, compared with other hydraulic oil hydraulic engineering machinery has better anti-wear, anti-rust, anti-emulsification , Oxidation stability, hydrolytic stability and thermal stability.

It is because of their main role is different, so the lubricants pay more attention to reduce friction, reduce wear and prevent the function of metal sintering; and hydraulic oil is more attention to viscosity index, it requires hydraulic oil at high temperatures have a good performance at low temperatures to ensure Easy to flow, reduce energy consumption.

Hydraulic oil as a lubricant to use what harm

1. The viscosity of hydraulic oil is generally relatively small, and the viscosity of lubricating oil is generally relatively large, so hydraulic oil as a lubricant when used, the formation of oil film is more difficult, and this is likely to lead to machine wear is relatively large, And even bring more serious consequences.

2. The main role of hydraulic oil and lubricating oil is different, therefore, they are inside the additives are different, and the two kinds of oil mixed with the words will lead to changes in performance, and even chemical reactions that make the oil deterioration, which led to greater wear and tear.

3. The operating temperature of the hydraulic system is not high, but the unit pressure of the hydraulic oil is very large. However, the operating temperature of the engine crankcase is very high, coupled with the combustion chamber high temperature and high pressure gas fleeing, which will make the hydraulic oil function faster failure, resulting in increased machine wear and tear, serious will lead to greater losses