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Gear Oil Additive Have Good Thermal Oxidation Safety Jun 23, 2017

The development trend of Gear Oil Additive is low viscosity, multi-level and long life. In order to save energy, reduce fuel consumption, foreign selection of low viscosity Gear Oil Additive and large span of multi-grade oil. In order to improve the quality of the Gear Oil Additive and prolong the oil change cycle, in addition to improving the degree of refining of the base oil, the vulcanized olefin-based sulfur-phosphorus type extreme pressure agent is widely used, which is superior to the sulfur- Has good thermal oxidation safety, anti-wear extreme pressure and corrosion resistance, which is suitable for more demanding conditions, and can extend the service life.

The gearbox typically uses the API GL-4 for the vehicle Gear Oil Additive, while the rear axle must use the API GL-5 for the vehicle Gear Oil Additive to be damaged. So the API GL-4 gearbox oil must not be used for the rear axle.

But the rear axle lubricants can be used to change the gearbox? Some owners and car maintenance personnel, because they do not understand the characteristics of the rear axle Gear Oil Additive, one-sided view that the rear axle Gear Oil Additive gear than the gear performance is good, so in the absence of ready-made gearbox Gear Oil Additive, or for "love "Vehicle and use the rear axle Gear Oil Additive instead of the gearbox Gear Oil Additive to join the car gearbox. Not knowing that this will not only bring unnecessary economic losses (due to the rear bridge Gear Oil Additive more expensive), and will cause the gearbox gear corrosive wear, is not conducive to the normal work of the transmission.

As the gearbox gear transmission lubrication conditions are better, do not have to use extreme pressure additives. If the use of rear axle Gear Oil Additive, from the extreme pressure additives mechanism of action can be seen, there will be some part of the additive effect, so that the gears produce unnecessary corrosion wear. Some vehicle manufacturers have made appropriate improvements to the material of the gearbox components in order to simplify the oil system of the transmission system. Clearly, in the oil manual, the rear axle and gearbox are used to use the API GL-5 vehicle Gear Oil Additive. When else.

Anti-wear and load resistance performance is the performance of the Gear Oil Additive is more prominent because the gear movement has a high load, the gear tooth surface, tooth root and tooth tip by different load impact, sliding, gear in the start, work and parking Load is also different, making the Gear Oil Additive at the same time subject to boundary lubrication, elastic fluid lubrication, mixed lubrication and fluid lubrication and other state, the main component of the Gear Oil Additive composition is extreme pressure anti-wear additives and oily additives. This also makes the assessment in this area more complex, there are several kinds of friction and wear simulation test method.

Heavy duty gears against wear and resistance to load has a higher demand, the United States for the very heavy load gear design and development of heavy-duty industrial Gear Oil Additive HD series, selected high-quality mineral oil and additives to reconcile the FZG gear In the test, more than 12 (the highest level), TIHKFM test to 75 pounds (30% higher than the general Gear Oil Additive), in high load and heavy impact of the harsh friction conditions can also effectively prevent the surface of steel and copper parts wear, Material formation, comprehensive performance even beyond the general synthetic Gear Oil Additive.

In addition to excellent extreme pressure performance, the heavy duty industrial Gear Oil Additive HD series also has the following advantages:

Excellent oxidative stability: contains a very effective antioxidant, effectively slow down the oxidation process, extending the service life.

Has a high thermal stability: less prone to thickening, thereby reducing the power loss.

Excellent rust and water resistance: the protection of metal surface is not easy to rust and corrosion, making the metal parts to be additional protection, to keep the gear box and turbine box clean.

Good anti-foam: the perfect film strength, better protection of gear and bearing the normal operation. Do not contain lead and other toxic substances, to better meet the environmental requirements.

Safety and environmental protection: no lead and other harmful substances, a unique extreme pressure anti-wear agent, a substantial increase in the carrying capacity of Gear Oil Additive, put an end to the traditional lead formula on the operating workers caused by the health effects.