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Gear Oil Additive Has A Relatively High Relative Sliding Speed Oct 11, 2017

Gear Oil Additive oil is actually the vehicle transmission, rear axle Gear Oil Additive transmission required lubricants, Gear Oil Additive oil quality will not only affect the normal operation of parts, but also affect the car's life. If not promptly replaced, then the vehicle will also cause security risks, a direct threat to the safety of owners. So the car Gear Oil Additive oil is the need for regular replacement on a regular basis, then in general the Gear Oil Additives for a long time? The following together to see the detailed analysis of Gear Oil Additive oil.

Gear Oil Additive oil to oil lubricants base oil or synthetic lubricants, adding special additives made of an important lubricant. For a variety of Gear Oil Additive transmission to prevent tooth surface wear, abrasion, sintering, etc., to extend its service life, improve transmission efficiency.

Gear Oil Additive transmission characteristics and Gear Oil Additive oil working conditions

(1) Gear Oil Additive transmission teeth and teeth between the line contact, therefore, contact area is small, large contact stress.

(2) Gear Oil Additive transmission is not only wired contact, as well as sliding contact, especially the hyperbolic Gear Oil Additive, between the teeth have a high relative sliding speed. This will be under high load conditions, will make the film thinning or even local rupture, resulting in increased friction and wear, and even cause scratches and bite.

(3) Gear Oil Additive oil operating temperature is generally lower than the internal combustion engine oil, to a large extent with the ambient temperature changes, the vehicle Gear Oil Additive oil temperature is generally not higher than 100 ℃. Hyundai sedan with double curve Gear Oil Additive, because of its large axial offset, the high speed will make the Gear Oil Additive wheel between the relative sliding speed is very high, so that the oil temperature above 100 ℃.

The role of Gear Oil Additive oil in Gear Oil Additive transmission

(1) to reduce the wear of Gear Oil Additives and other moving parts, to extend Gear Oil Additive life.

(2) reduce friction, reduce power loss.

(3) scattered heat, from a certain cooling effect.

(4) to prevent corrosion and rust.

(5) reduce the work noise, reduce vibration and the impact between the role of Gear Oil Additive.

(6) Wash the dirt, especially the dirt between the teeth to reduce the wear and tear.