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Gear Oil Additive Ensure The Lubrication Requirements In High And Low Temperature Working Environment Nov 03, 2017

Vehicle Gear Oil Additive maintenance problems, compared to the maintenance of the engine, many owners may be more value is the latter. Perhaps it is because Gear Oil Additive replacement is not as frequent as engine oil. However, car gear maintenance is also very important.

1. The lower quality of the Gear Oil Additive can not be used in the higher-demand vehicles, that is, ordinary vehicle Gear Oil Additive can not replace the middle and heavy load Gear Oil Additive used in hyperbola gears, otherwise it will cause equipment wear and shorten service life.

2. Gear Oil Additive of different quality grades cannot be mixed with each other, nor can it be mixed with other thick engine oils to avoid equipment failure.

3. According to the ambient temperature to choose the appropriate viscosity grade of oil, to ensure high and low temperature working environment of the lubrication requirements. But do not mistakenly think that high viscosity Gear Oil Additive lubrication performance is good. The use of high viscosity brand Gear Oil Additive, will make the vehicle fuel consumption significantly increased, especially for high-speed cars, the impact should be as far as possible to use the appropriate multi-stage oil. At present, the car manufacturers mostly recommend 80w/90, 85W/90, 85w/140 and other viscosity grade vehicle Gear Oil Additive, when changing oil can refer to the car manuals or maintenance manuals.

4. The amount of refueling should be appropriate. Too much refueling will increase the gear running resistance, resulting in energy loss, power drop, too little, will cause poor lubrication, speed gear wear. In addition, often check the leakage of gears, keep the oil seals, gaskets sealed intact.

5. Vehicle Gear Oil Additive working temperature is not too high, the service life is relatively long, excluding the oil loss situation, as long as the oil change cycle in time to replace and maintain the basic problem is not small.

6. Gears should be in accordance with the oil change indicators for oil, no oil analysis means, can be in accordance with the warranty procedures or oil recommended replacement cycle to change. The oil should be in the hot car state to release the old oil, and clean the gearbox, and then replace the new oil.

7. Prevent mixing of water and impurities in Gear Oil Additive.

Gear Oil Additive is an important lubricating oil, which is made up of petroleum lube base oil or synthetic lubricating oil, adding extreme pressure antiwear agent and oily agent. Used in various gear transmission devices to prevent tooth surface wear, abrasion, sintering, etc., prolong its service life, improve transmission efficiency. The closed Gear Oil Additive can improve the scuffing resistance of gears, prevent the gear from breaking, pitting and gluing. It is widely used in various cylindrical gears, helical gears, spur gears, herringbone gears and Straight, oblique, spiral bevel gears and other mechanical transmission devices in mining, metallurgy, textile, electric power, construction, machinery manufacturing and other industries.

Because some gear tooth surface processing is rough, in the local pressure very high situation, will cause the tooth surface tip point Partial contact, causes the pitting eclipse. If the oil viscosity of industrial Gear Oil Additive is too low and the load is high, the sliding of the tooth surface under heavy load will occur, resulting in the gluing of the tooth surface. In the heavy load state of the gear, should be as far as possible to choose the tooth surface finish better gear. With high viscosity of industrial Gear Oil Additive, oil pour point and low temperature flow performance should be considered. Gear devices that are often started at low temperatures, especially in the winter outdoors, should be warmed to industrial Gear Oil Additive before they can be used. The temperature should be controlled strictly when preheating. In the process of installing gears, we should pay attention to the gap of gear pair, because the meshing bad will also result in the gluing of the tooth surface.