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Gear Oil Additive Easy To Operate, Complex Structure, Large Motion Inertia Oct 25, 2017

Gear Oil Additive oil is in fact the vehicle transmission, rear axle Gear Oil Additive transmission mechanism required lubricants, Gear Oil Additive quality will not only affect the normal operation of parts, but also affect the life of the car. If not replaced in a timely manner will also cause the safety of vehicles, directly threatening the safety of the owner's life. Therefore, the automobile Gear Oil Additive oil needs to be regularly replaced, then generally speaking, how often does the car Gear Oil Additive oil change? The following is a view Gear Oil Additive oil detailed analysis.

Automobile Gear Oil Additive oil is a kind of lubricating with high viscosity ratio, it is an important lubricating oil which is based on petroleum lube base oil or synthetic lubricating oil, adding extreme pressure antiwear agent and oily agent. Used in various Gear Oil Additive transmission devices to prevent tooth surface wear, abrasion, sintering, etc., prolong its service life, improve transmission power efficiency. The performance classification and viscosity classification of vehicle Gear Oil Additive are two methods.

Gear Oil Additive transmission is an important form of mechanical transmission. Transmission methods are diverse, more commonly used are: mechanical transmission, gas compression transmission, electrical and hydraulic transmission. Although the mechanical transmission has some disadvantages, such as difficulty of speed adjustment, difficult operation, complicated structure, large motion inertia and pulse, but the traditional transmission mode has its irreplaceable status, so far it is still indispensable in industrial machinery and equipment.

Industrial Gear Oil Additive, according to ISO 6743.6, GB/T 7631.7 Industrial Gear Oil Additive Lubricant classification standards: Industrial Gear Oil Additive for Gear Oil Additive or turbine worm lubrication, product symbol CK, where the role of Gear Oil Additive transmission is to change the rotation of the components (speed), the transmission of the turbine worm is to change the direction of the rotating parts.

Classification of Industrial Gear Oil Additive oils

Gear Oil Additive part is divided into closed Gear Oil Additive and open Gear Oil Additive oil. Closed Gear Oil Additive oil with closed Gear Oil Additivebox, respectively, light load CKB, medium load Ckai, heavy load CKD, synthetic heavy-duty ckt, synthetic type light load anti-friction cks and other models. Open type Gear Oil Additive oil without Gear Oil Additive box and half immersion open type, respectively have medium temperature light load ckh\ckj, high temperature heavy load Stückl.

1. The occasion is different. The former is used to lubricate the Gear Oil Additive box of the industrial equipment, which is used to lubricate the mobile car Gear Oil Additivebox. In other words, the latter with the oil environment temperature change is large, but also the flow of equipment, high and low temperature requirements are relatively high. Therefore the vehicle Gear Oil Additive needs to have the multi-level and the Single-stage division.

2, medium load, heavy load of the vehicle Gear Oil Additive is generally hyperbolic Gear Oil Additive, compared to the usual cylindrical or tapered industrial Gear Oil Additives bearing higher requirements. Therefore, the load carrying capacity of the Gear Oil Additive oil of the medium loading vehicle is equivalent to the heavy load industrial Gear Oil Additive oil. Therefore, the viscosity level of the medium load vehicle Gear Oil Additive Oil can replace heavy duty industrial Gear Oil Additive oil such as GL-4 or 85w/90 GL-4 can replace $number CKD.

3, the viscosity of the vehicle Gear Oil Additive oil is classified according to the SAE of the American Association of Automobile Engineers, the determination is the movement viscosity of the 100 ℃. The industrial Gear Oil Additive oil is classified according to ISO regulations, and the kinematic viscosity of the 40 ℃ is determined. Therefore the substitution must be converted.

4, classification, ISO only stipulates the industrial Gear Oil Additive oil classification symbol C, does not specifically specify the vehicle Gear Oil Additive oil grouping symbol. Our country uses the API to use GL-3, GL-4, GL-5 classification. This relationship is described in Appendix B of the Industrial Gear Oil Additive oil standard.