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Engine Oil Additive Cleanliness, Abrasion Resistance, Volatility Nov 03, 2017

Whether the owner has encountered this situation, in the 4s shop or repair shop to do car oil maintenance, shop service staff will be active to you recommend some automotive products, such as petrol additives, Engine Oil Additives and so everyone is more familiar with the car additive is that everyone said the fuel treasure. As for car Engine Oil Additive, we understand less, just listen to the staff of the store to introduce the role of Engine Oil Additives, add will give the engine what kind of benefits, that Engine Oil Additive really have so magical? We're talking about additives that are added to the engine's oil, not a petrol additive to the tank.

Engine Oil Additive marketing is the most common anti-wear agent, the promotion method: Find a motor runner, put in the ordinary oil and add anti-wear agent oil, gradually add weights, prove its anti-wear.

Everybody knows. Oil is divided into half synthetic and synthetic oil, what is the essential difference between the semi synthetic and the synthetic oil? Just a "half" word? Of course not. In essence, the difference between semi synthetic and synthetic oil is base oil, and the simple point is that the base oil used in the semi synthesis is different from that of the base oil used in the synthetic oil, which is why the total synthetic oil is more expensive than the half synthetic oil! Of course about the total synthetic oil and half synthetic oil between the major oil companies are controversial, do not introduce more. Anyway, does oil really need Engine Oil Additives?

From the function of Engine Oil Additive, it really conforms to the use of oil, some people have also done Engine Oil Additives test to prove the Engine Oil Additive after the effect of the oil is much better, from an objective point of view this does not exclude the additive manufacturers of self propaganda, he did the test is not comprehensive, did not consider the working environment of the engine. As we all know, the engine work environment is very bad, the working environment of oil is also not optimistic, manufacturers in the introduction of oil products, oil is to do a long-term test research, including the cleanliness of oil, anti-wear, volatile and many other properties to make it the best, if the haste to add Engine Oil Additives are likely to damage the characteristics of oil, This is why different manufacturers of oil is best not to mix, mainly the formula is different. Some automakers have clearly marked "no need to add any additives in the engine oil" in the car use manual.

-Once specially consulted the famous oil production enterprise's scientific research personnel, researchers said: good synthetic oil in all add anti-wear agent, but the oil is not only used to anti-wear, anti-wear molecules and other molecules to seize the cylinder wall or other metal surface, anti-wear Rob More,Engine Oil Additive the cleaning function will be reduced, so, Synthetic oil to be integrated with different functions of the additive to the most scientific proportion of the collocation, any one can not be too much, otherwise it will damage the function of other additives. Summary: For the brand of synthetic oil does not need additives, oil has been and additives of the same nature Add. If you are an extreme car person, you will always use your car to the premium, so the first use of synthetic oil, far better than additives; if, you want to transfer at any time, are used for a long time other people's second-hand car, want to restore the dynamic performance of short-term, anti-wear additive short acting is very obvious.