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Engine Oil Additive Anti-oxidation, Anti-wear, Anti-foam Sep 26, 2017

Automotive oil additive is the addition of one or more compounds to the engine oil to give the oil some new properties or to improve some of the properties already present in the lubricant. The main function of oil additives is to improve the oxidation of oil, anti-wear, anti-foam,Engine Oil Additive oil viscosity and other functions. Lubricant additives are widely used, but lubricants are not just oil.

We are familiar with the oil is divided into semi-synthetic and synthetic oil, that semi-synthetic and synthetic oil What is the essential difference? Is it just a "half" word? Of course not the case, semi-synthetic and synthetic oil is essentially the difference between the base oil, Engine Oil Additivesaid the simple point is semi-synthetic base oil used with synthetic oil used in the base oil extraction method is different,Engine Oil Additive which is why the synthetic oil will be more than half Synthetic oil expensive! Of course, on the boundaries of synthetic oil and semi-synthetic oil oil companies are controversial, not to do more. Having said that, does oil really need oil additives?

From the function of oil additives is indeed very consistent with the use of oil, it was also done to test the oil additives to prove that the oil additive in the oil after the effect of how good, from an objective point of view this does not rule out the additive manufacturers self- He did the test is not comprehensive, did not consider the engine working environment. As we all know, the working environment of the engine is very bad, the working environment of the oil is not optimistic, manufacturers in the introduction of oil products,Engine Oil Additive oil is to do long-term test research, including oil cleanliness, abrasion resistance, volatile and many other properties to make it To achieve the best, if rushed to join the oil additives is likely to destroy the characteristics of oil, which is why the best manufacturers do not mix the oil, the main formula is different. Some car manufacturers in the car manual clearly marked "no need to add any additives in the oil."

Zhiyong has made a special trip to consult a well-known oil production enterprises of scientific research personnel, researchers said: good synthetic oil are added anti-wear agent, but the oil is not only used to wear, anti-wear molecules and other molecules to seize the cylinder Wall or other metal surface, anti-wear more, the cleaning function will be reduced, so the whole synthetic oil in the deployment of different functions of the additive to the most scientific proportion of the mix, any one can not be too much, otherwise it will destroy other Additive function. Summary: For the brand of synthetic oil does not require additives,Engine Oil Additive oil and additives have the same nature of additives. If you are extremely car owners, will always use your car to the premium, then the beginning of the use of synthetic oil, much better than the additive; if you want to switch at any time, are using someone else for a long time Used cars, want to restore power performance for a short time, anti-wear additives short effect is very obvious.