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Engine Oil Additive Anti-oxidation, Anti-wear, Anti-foam Jul 04, 2017

Whether the owner encountered such a situation, is to go to 4s shop or repair shop to do car oil maintenance, the store's service staff will take the initiative to recommend to you some automotive products, such as gasoline additives, Engine Oil Additives, etc. We are more familiar with the car Additives is the mouth of the fuel that everyone said. As for the car Engine Oil Additives we understand less, just listen to the store staff introduced the role of Engine Oil Additives, what will be added to the engine after the benefits, that Engine Oil Additives really so magical?

Automotive Engine Oil Additive is the addition of one or more compounds to the engine oil to give the oil some new properties or to improve some of the properties already present in the lubricant. The main function of Engine Oil Additives is to improve the oxidation of oil, anti-wear, anti-foam, oil viscosity and other functions. Lubricant additives are widely used, but lubricants are not just oil.

From the function of the Engine Oil Additive is indeed very consistent with the use of oil, it was also done to test the Engine Oil Additives to prove that the oil in the Engine Oil Additive effect after how good, from an objective point of view this does not rule out the additive manufacturers self- He did the test is not comprehensive, did not consider the engine work environment. As we all know, the working environment of the engine is very bad, the working environment of the oil is not optimistic, manufacturers in the introduction of oil products, oil is to do long-term test research, including oil cleanliness, abrasion resistance, volatile and many other properties to make it To achieve the best, if rushed to join the Engine Oil Additives are likely to destroy the characteristics of oil, which is why different manufacturers of oil is best not to mix, the main formula is different. Some car manufacturers in the car manual clearly marked "no need to add any additives in the oil." Summary: For the brand of synthetic oil does not require additives, oil and additives have the same nature of additives.

Lubricant ingredients are base oils and additives, oil companies buy base oil from refineries, and then add some additives to make the final finished lubricants. In order to meet the various machinery in different conditions of use under the lubrication requirements, the current lubricants usually contain a variety of additives. Some oils contain only rust inhibitors, but most lubricants contain a variety of additives, such as automotive engine lubricants (oil).

In general, the additive plays three roles in the lubricant: protecting the base oil, improving the performance of the base oil, and protecting the friction surface. Different additives play a different role, and some additives have a variety of functions, these additives used in combination, it is necessary to improve the overall performance of lubricants, but also to maintain chemical balance, it is not the most good, the amount of different additives have a proper value.

In the development of oil, the formula of additives also continue to break through. For example, in the 1950s, Pennzoil Z-7 was a classic oil formulation, Z-7 was an acronym, representing seven additive formulations in oil: 1) pour point depressants; 2) antioxidants; 3) antiwear 4) anti-rust anti-corrosion agent; 5) clean / dispersant; 6) anti-wear agent; 7) anti-foam agent.

When the oil technology to today, the above seven kinds of additives are still in use, but now the Engine Oil Additive composition is more complex, in addition, the same additive product technology also achieved a replacement. As the engine operating conditions more harsh, environmental protection departments also made fuel-efficient requirements of the car, so now the oil in the energy saving and antioxidant performance better than the old formula. In order to help us understand the current oil formulations, we look at ILSAC GF-5 Engine Oil Additives typical formula, ILSAC GF-5 is the latest oil quality specifications.