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Effect Of Rare Earth Compounds On Friction And Wear Properties Of PTFE - Based Three - Layer Composites Dec 07, 2016

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is widely used in self-lubricating materials because of its very low friction factor, good chemical stability. In order to improve the mechanical properties of PTFE and not wear-resistant shortcomings, often added filler modified PTFE composite materials used in the maintenance of low friction factor as much as possible while improving its strength, wear resistance and dimensional stability. PTFE-based three-layer composite material is a PTFE-based composite material and metal composite, and has good strength and friction-reducing properties of self-lubricating bearing material, based on cold-rolled steel, cold rolled steel plate sintered layer of spherical The copper powder forms the intermediate layer, increases the bonding strength between the composite and the matrix, and gives the three-layer composite material sufficient strength, rigidity and load bearing capacity. Electroplated layer of cold-rolled steel sheet isolated from the direct contact with the air, can effectively prevent the corrosion of steel, and rolling composite surface-PTFE modified friction-reducing material is a three-layer composite self-lubricating core composition, its performance determines Advantages and disadvantages of three - layer composites. Therefore, the research on the three-layer composites is focused on the improvement of the performance of surface-modified PTFE-based friction-reducing materials.