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Brief Introduction Of Universal Grade Plasticizer Dec 07, 2016

DOP is a general-purpose plasticizer. It is the most widely used plasticizer in polyethylene plastic. Its dosage is more than 80% of all plasticizers. DOP chemical name is DOP, is mainly used for the processing of PVC resin, DOP plasticized PVC can be used in the manufacture of artificial leather, agricultural film, packaging materials, wire and cable, widely used Plastics, rubber, paints and emulsifiers and other industries. Can also be used for chemical fiber resin, acetic acid resin, ABS resin and rubber and other polymer processing, can also be used for making paint, dyes, dispersants.

However, the toxicity of plasticizers DOP has become the focus of attention, a small amount of smoking can cause shortness of breath and heart rate, a large number of smoking can cause disorders of the central system and gastrointestinal discomfort, more severe effects of fetal malformations. At present, environmental plasticizers are becoming the preferred plasticizer manufacturers, especially in Europe and the United States and other countries on the use of plasticizers DOP carried out tight control of China's exports of certain PVC pipe need to go through the relevant quality testing to ensure that the provisions of the Environmental standards. New environmentally friendly plasticizers such as BASF's dinch, LANXESS's mesamoll, South Korea's LG plasticizers are increasingly becoming the preferred alternative to toxic plasticizers.