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Application Of Pigment Carbon Black In Plastic Industry Dec 07, 2016

Pigment carbon black is generally better to coloring the plastic, according to the coloring properties or physical and chemical properties of pigment carbon black, coloring with the choice of varieties of carbon black is basically the finished product must be achieved with the blackness may be. With a very fine pigment carbon black can complete the requirements of the black color is particularly high; PE garbage bags, plastic bags, cable materials such products only need a moderate level of blackness, you can use a lower specific surface area, the structure of high carbon black varieties ; Plastic pallet, carbon black weighing and ingredients of the small errors occur, will lead to significant color, therefore, should adopt the larger particle size, color strength of the poor low-carbon black, so that the amount of carbon black can be slightly Large, weighing error is relatively small, and have better dispersion, lower prices.

For gray plastics, the use of fine-grained pigment carbon black tends to show brown phase gray, and the use of coarse particle pigment carbon black can produce blue-phase gray.

Compared with other organic pigments, carbon black in addition to disperse more difficult, the other properties are better. Scientific carbon black with the amount, can provide better antistatic or conductive.

Carbon black is basically non-toxic, but easier to fly and pollution, so often in the form of color masterbatch for the plastics industry to use in the elimination of pollution at the same time to improve the dispersion of carbon black in plastic.