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Antioxidant&Corrosion Inhibitor To Achieve The Role Of Prevention Jun 01, 2017

Antioxidant&Corrosion Inhibitor Free radicals are atoms, molecules or groups containing unpaired electrons, which have a high activity because they contain unpaired electrons in the free radicals. Free radicals must be stable to the nearest atoms or molecules to seize the electrons and make their own electronic pairs, but also makes the electrons captured the atom or molecule into a new free radicals, triggering a chain reaction, the process is - oxidation The

Free radicals are normal metabolites of the human body. Under normal circumstances, the free radicals in the human body are in a dynamic equilibrium between the generation and removal. There is a small amount of oxygen free radicals in the human body, which not only pose a threat to the human body, but also promote cell proliferation and stimulation White blood cells and phagocytic cells to kill bacteria, eliminate inflammation, decomposition of toxic substances. Free radicals generated too much or too slow, it is through the attack of life macromolecules and various cells, will cause the body at the molecular level, cell level and tissue levels of various damage, accelerate the body's aging process and induce various diseases The Common cancers, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, cataracts, cardiovascular disease, senile dementia, arthritis and other diseases are considered to be associated with excessive free radicals.

Antioxidant&Corrosion Inhibitor are substances that can scavenge free radicals or which can block the free radicals involved in the oxidation reaction. They are substances that can help capture and neutralize free radicals, thus eliminating free radicals on human damage. With the growth of age, the body's ability to produce free radical scavengers gradually decreased, thereby weakening the defense of free radical damage, so that the body tissues and organs easily damaged, accelerated the body's aging, triggering a series of diseases. In order to prevent the occurrence of such phenomena, can be artificially supplemented by dietary antioxidants, so as to achieve the purpose of defense of disease, anti-aging.

(1) nature: lycopene, also known as ψ-carotene, belongs to the isoprene compounds, is a kind of carotenoids. Lycopene (lycopene) is a fat-soluble unsaturated hydrocarbons, is a kind of carotenoids, molecular formula C40H56, relative molecular mass 536.85, melting point 174 ℃ (trans), and β-carotene is the same isomer.

(2) biological function: the study found that lycopene has excellent physiological function, it not only has the effect of anti-cancer and anti-cancer, but also for the prevention of cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis and other adult diseases, enhance the body's immune system and delay Aging and so on are of great significance. Lycopene has antioxidant, inhibit mutations, reduce nucleic acid damage, reduce cardiovascular disease and prevent cancer and other health care functions. ① anti-aging anti-aging. Lycopene antioxidant capacity is 100 times the vitamin E, vitamin C 1000 times. ② anti-cancer, anti-tumor inhibition. Lycopene can remove the free radicals that cause cancer cells to achieve the role of prevention. The formation of the tumor can promote cell gap transmission signal, contact inhibition, differentiation induced cancer cells. ③ prostate health,Antioxidant&Corrosion Inhibitor improve male fertility. ④ regulate blood lipids, prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. ⑤ anti-radiation, beauty skin beauty. ⑥ breast uterus health care. Lycopene can promote the healthy development of female breasts, reduce the risk of breast cancer.