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Waterborne Paint Dispersant 1045

Waterborne Paint Dispersant 1045

1045 is a waterborne polycarboxylate sodium salt dispersant with excellent dispersion and water resistance.


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Features and applications

1, 1045 is a non-foaming dispersant based on sodium polycarboxylate. Excellent dispersion can not only improve the solid content of latex paint but also give the coating good fluidity and leveling, and to minimize the floating flowers and precipitation.

2,1045 can be used for pigment fillers such as: kaolin, titanium dioxide, white clay, precipitated barium sulfate, light calcium, talc and red iron oxide preparation.

3, add the pigment before adding 1045 to the water, get the best dispersion and the highest pigment dispersion of the slurry. The pH of the system needs to be adjusted to 7.5-10. Calcium carbonate, talc and iron oxide red, etc. This pigment filler slurry can be used in various latex systems such as: nitrile latex, styrene butadiene latex, white latex and acrylic emulsion. In the process of dispersion. Add 1045 to the water before adding the pigments and fillers to get the best dispersion and the highest pigment dispersion.


 Chemical composition: Sodium carboxylate Appearance (20 ℃): transparent or light yellow viscous liquid

 Solid content (%) 40 ± 1 Density (20 ° C) 1.16kg / l

 pH 6.5-8.0

 1045 dispersion efficiency than conventional high dispersant, the normal amount of pigment filler 0.25-1.25% by weight.

 Packaging specifications 30 kg or 250 kg plastic drum

Storage Under normal conditions, this product can be sealed long-term preservation, to avoid heat and contact with copper and tin and other metals.

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