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What are the titanium dioxide used in acrylic coatings? Dec 07, 2016

Titanium dioxide is the largest amount of paint industry, the amount of paint, it accounts for the total amount of pigment paint with more than 90%, accounting for paint with more than 95% of the white pigment. In accordance with the crystal points, titanium dioxide rutile and anatase are two types. 

Acrylic paint used in the top coating of rutile titanium dioxide. And the best use of particularly good weather resistance of the brand, such as DuPont's R-960, Bayer's R-KB-5, SCM's RCL-666 and so on. R-902, R-KB-6, RCL-535, RCL-575 and so on. 

Domestic titanium dioxide, whether rutile or anatase, have been more mature. In the rutile titanium dioxide, the first of the Xiamen Electrochemical Plant and later Zhenjiang, Lanzhou and other plant products from the dispersion or weatherability and other aspects of view, also have a certain level, you can use.