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Fluorescent brightener materials as well as advantages Dec 07, 2016

Fluorescent brightener industry in China is still a fully competitive industry. In addition, the country's policy background, environmental factors can not be ignored. With the strict implementation of environmental protection requirements of the state, some poor environmental awareness of fluorescent whitening agent production enterprises will be more difficult to survive, or even face the danger of being eliminated due to environmental issues. Industry concentration will be further improved.

Fluorescent brighteners can be used in textile printing and dyeing, cosmetic and plastics industries, can regulate production capacity and product complementarity, large differences between enterprises. In the paper industry is widely used, mainly used in the field of cultural paper, paper products to reduce the whiteness, to prevent high whiteness caused by visual fatigue, protect human health and become a certain development potential of the new paper species. Traditional products in paper chemicals Fluorescent brighteners used in paper making are affected by this, and the market demand is declining.


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