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Dispersibility of coloring pigments Dec 07, 2016

Pigment is a fine powdery material, it is not soluble in water or organic solvents, but it can be evenly dispersed in water or oily media, applied to the surface of the object, can show a certain color. It is one of the most important raw materials in the coatings industry.

Acrylic paint is all types of paint used in the more high-end varieties of pigments and used more varieties. Pigment characteristics, the following aspects need special attention: color, hiding power, color strength, oil absorption, particle size, dispersion, weather resistance, solvent resistance, heat resistance and moisture content. First of all, let us introduce the dispersion of the pigment.

Dispersion refers to the secondary particle structure of the pigment particles or the degree of dispersion of the aggregates in the color developing agent and the stability and state after dispersion. It is not only the chemical structure of the pigment itself, particle size and distribution, with the pigment surface treatment is more direct the relationship between good and bad.