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Cabot White Carbon is the magic cleaner Dec 07, 2016

Carbon black I believe we all know what is, but white carbon in the end is what we may not know, after all, most of us in daily life may ignore its existence, but even if many people ignore it, Can not be its credit and the role of obliterate. So today, Xiaobian to tell us about the brand Cabot white carbon black - Kaka Bote white carbon black.

White carbon black is a white powder of a substance, I know, it seems to be amorphous silicic acid and some other silicate products in general, silicate products are mostly insulating properties, so this Cabot white carbon black is no exception, in addition to good insulation, it can also be used as items placed between the flammable products act as a protective effect, and Cabot white carbon black odor, so there will be no special Odor products, relative to the work place to keep the air clean.